Martin Rundle

MFR Fire Safety Consultant

Are you aware of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 2003?

See how MFR's services will help you comply...

Fire Safety Regulations in the Isle of Man

Under the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 2003, if you or your company does not have or implement preventative and protective measures, you could receive an unlimited fine.

To comply with these regulations your company must:
  • Conduct a suitable Risk Assessment
  • Install a suitable Fire Alarm and Emergency Lighting system
  • Provide Fire Fighting equipment, Emergency Routes and Exits indicated by signs
  • Ensure adequate Staff Training and nominate employees to implement Safety Measures
MFR can help you by providing the following services:
  • Written Fire Risk Assessments
  • Courses for Fire Wardens
  • Staff Training on the use of Fire Fighting Equipment
  • General Fire Safety Recommendations
  • Learn more about MFR's Fire Safety Services
Benefits for your Company:
  • You will comply with Statutory Requirements
  • You will further promote a Safe Working Environment for your Employees
  • Your premises will have a suitable and sufficient standard of Fire Safety
  • Fire Risk Assessments are viewed positively by Insurance Companies
Why Choose MFR?
  • 35+ Years Fire Service Experience
  • 12+ Years Fire Safety Inspection Experience
  • Fire Protection Association Member
  • £1m Public Liability Insurance
  • £1m Professional Indemnity Insurance
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